Conquering Confidence for Parents... part 3

Congratulations, we are onto Day 3 where you have identified why confidence is important, what it feels like, situations where you need confidence and an action plan.  So today we are going to look at how you can track your progress and keep the momentum up...

How can I measure my progress?  When we are trying to create a change within us, it takes time, even as little as 21 days to create a new habit!  We have good days, bad days and then days where it all fall apart.  Therefore it is really essential to focus on the positives, so here are some easy ways we can keep focused. 

Self- affirmations are a great way to create change from within.  To put it simply, your mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is fantasy, so if you say “I am a confident mum” everyday then slowly your brian will looks for ways of supporting this affirmation.  For more imformation you can read

On a scale of 1 to 10 rate your confidence every day.  You can break it down into sections such as mind, physical appearance and other aspects areas of your life.  See how it fluctuates and what affects it eg weather.

Keep a Notebook of your confidence levels and how it has improved.  Try and identify the triggers that increase and reduce your confidence levels.  Once you have focused on them think of how you can deal with them differently in the future e.g. if you are always late doing the school run, identify the trigger, is it making the packed lunches? If so try making then the night before and see if that helps. 

Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself – there are always going to be situations which are harder than others so give yourself a break.  If you handled a situation well congratulate yourself and if it went wrong don’t make it into event and berate yourself, just take each day as it comes and start all over again.

Be positive – when you do something well congratulate yourself, treat yourself, give positive feedback to your children e.g. if your children behaved well at a family meal tell them what they did well. 

As Parent Coach, I have seen remarkable results in my clients when they have followed the plan I have shared with you and it has been a real step in starting a new life.  All of the exercises might not be for you but choose some that appeal to you and stick to them with confidence and then feel the benefits for you and your family!

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