Conquering Confidence for Parents!

Confidence is an intangible quality we all need in order to be successful in life yet everywhere we go we face situations that chip away at it. As adults we are self critical, set unrealistic goals and then we beat ourselves up by not achieving them and then wonder why we feel so bad. Does this pattern sound familiar?

Over the few days we are going to be looking at the following areas

What does confidence mean to me?

What makes me feel more confident?

How can I improve it within the next 24 hours?

What is my 3 point maintenance plan?

What does it mean to me?

What does the word truly mean to you? Think of different aspects of you life and the varying roles you have and write down three words or sentences that summarise it for you, for example if you are a parent think of areas such as your job, family and social life.

What’s the benefit?

Think of what it would feel like to always to be confident, think of applying those three words or sentences to every aspect of your life for example if you approached everything in a confident manner the benefit could be reduced levels of stress.

What does it feel like?

Take you time and think of a situation where you felt really confident, what did you see, what did you hear and what did you feel? Think about the situation in as much detail as possible; think about the colours, the people and the environment. Really bring the situation to life and hold onto the feeling for ten seconds.

Now that you really know what confidence means to you join me tomorrow to find out how you can make yourself feel more confident.

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