10 Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity Through Healthy Eating

As a mum with young children it can be really difficult to find time, money and energy to ensure your children eat in a healthy way. You instantly have visions of standing at the kitchen washing, chopping and preparing a mountain of fruit and vegetables which is hardly appealing to anyone let alone when you have very little time to prepare a meal, cook it, eat it and wash up!! So what’s the solution?

1 Plan ahead

This is the key to healthy eating. Start with your weekly shopping list, think of what meals you are going to prepare and then think of the ingredients you will need. Focus on cooking one meal for the whole family and then adapting it e.g. putting a portion to one side before adding a chilli.

I need your vote!


On Sunday I found out that I have been shortlisted for the National Woman inspiring Woman Award under Woman in the Community catergory! 


Freedom comes in small steps...


I saw a woman today jumping up and down for joy as she received her provisional driving license!  She was so incredibly happy it made me realise that as part of her abuse she was not allowed to learn how to drive as this would have given her independence, empowerment and a sense of freedom.  

Conquering Confidence for Parents... part 3

Congratulations, we are onto Day 3 where you have identified why confidence is important, what it feels like, situations where you need confidence and an action plan.  So today we are going to look at how you can track your progress and keep the momentum up...

How can I measure my progress?  When we are trying to create a change within us, it takes time, even as little as 21 days to create a new habit!  We have good days, bad days and then days where it all fall apart.  Therefore it is really essential to focus on the positives, so here are some easy ways we can keep focused.