How to talk to children about Maths

I am delighted to welcome this month’s guest blogger Dr Anastasia Pappa, an Education Consultant and Parent Coach. She runs Ostrakinda an education consultancy which works with parents helping them to support their child's learning focusing on developing skills such as confidence, resilience and critical thinking. She also works with schools to promote parental engagement in education and runs “How to learn” workshops for students.

How to make cooking with children fun (for all concerned!)

Charlotte runs Bayleaf Cookery School with her husband in Warwickshire, showing children how easy it is to cook proper, grown up, delicious dishes from scratch and passing on practical skills that will last a lifetime. At Bayleaf Cookery School we get children excited about cooking by showing them how easy and enjoyable it is to cook delicious dishes from scratch.


Kate and kidsKate Beddow is the founder of Growing Spirits, promoting natural healing, relaxation and creativity to help keep children happy, healthy and balanced. She has written a range of ebooks and meditations and writes regularly for a range of magazines and online publications. In this week’s blog Kate talks about looking at teenagers from a different perspective.

7 Ways to encourage your child to try new food

I often hear parents say how they would love to improve their child’s diet but the biggest challenge is getting them to try any new food!  Does that sound familiar?  So here are my 7 tips that I always share with my parents. 

1 Relax!

When you have a fussy eater just the build up to a meal time can be very stressful.  An image of cooking a meal and thinking it won’t be eaten already works us into a negative state even before the child has been presented with their meal.  Instead, and I know it is easy to say, just try and relax as children pick up on our stress.  So let your child eat what they want and let them look at their new item of food even if they don’t try it.