Conquering Confidence for Parents - Part 2

Now that you have identified what confidence means to you and what it feels like I would now like you to think about in which aspects of your life do you need more confidence in?

Common situations could be, going to new places for the first time, worrying about whether your child will behave appropriately, what to wear, what to say or dealing with more day to day situations in your life like complaining as a restaurant or work issues. I recently had a client who had experienced domestic abuse and had really low self esteem.  She was a beautiful woman but when asked “what do you physically like about yourself” she said “I don’t mind my nails” and that is all she could come up with.  We looked  at different ways we could improve her appearance and she came up with a plan which included buying new face cream, dying her hair, her friend doing her nails and moisturising her body.  As a result the next time I saw her she said she “felt totally better” and more confident and happy. 

Conquering Confidence for Parents!

Confidence is an intangible quality we all need in order to be successful in life yet everywhere we go we face situations that chip away at it. As adults we are self critical, set unrealistic goals and then we beat ourselves up by not achieving them and then wonder why we feel so bad. Does this pattern sound familiar?

7 Ways to Improve Family Life Balance


This month’s theme is all around having stress free terms so here are 7 top tips

In today’s varying family structures managing health, relationships, time, money and stress can be a constant challenge.  Through my parenting workshops I have found many common themes amongst service users and here are my top 7 tips on achieving family life balance.  

Being prepared

It is absolutely crucial when you are leading a busy life to be super organised.  You should always think about the next day and anticipate what you may need to do.  Think of the 5, 10 or 15 rule, where depending on how pushed you are for time you should do something for 5 minutes or pick 5 objects e.g. 5 key items to iron.  

Always do what you can bear to do in bulk such as cooking, food shopping or buying presents and always write lists and stick to them!