Working with Councils, Housing Associations and Charities

As a Coach, Trainer and Author my client portfolio has included schools, children centres, refuges and national charities.
I offer one off workshops to 6 week programmes on areas such as managing stress, building confidence and positive thinking that are tailor made to meet your service users’ needs as well as your targets and budget.

Learning To be Free

Learning to be Free is the only parenting programme in the UK which has been uniquely designed for mums who have experienced domestic abuse.  As an Approved Supplier for the London Borough of Ealing this programme has been delivered in all the refuges/safe houses over the last six years on an ongoing basis.

When working in a Refuge/Safe house the outcomes typically achieved have included:

  • improved inner confidence as a woman
  • healthier diets on a budget as a family
  • building a safe support system e.g. family and friends
  • exploring safe methods of communication with the perpetrator where appropriate
  • identifying and developing key skills such as setting boundaries

In terms of meeting objectives under The Children’s Act 2004 it meet the following aims:

  • Enjoy and Achieve
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Be healthy

Each programme is adapted to meet the needs of your organisation and funding criterias so from the start you can demonstrate exactly how the money will be invested.  In addition I design questionnaires, take photographic evidence and any other additional information you require for your portfolio.

In addition I can design programmes to meet your specific needs on areas such as back to work, confidence, healthy eating, managing conflict and communal living.

This programme can be offered on a one to one or group basis

You can find out more by completing the contact page or if you would like to speak to me right now you can call me on 07817 644207.

This is what mums are saying about how their life has changed after working with me…

“My biggest worry was healthy food for us to eat, what to feed my baby, over feeding my baby and underfeeding my baby. Now I am more confident when cooking, feeding my son and I feel I know what I am doing.”
Mum with son aged 6 months

"Their behaviour has improved, time out worked and playing for 10 minutes worked. I have a lot more confidence in our relationship. I have learnt to be more involved with my children, share the same love for my children and I understand them more.
Mum with son aged 11 and daughter aged 9.

 “The marketing and advertising of the programmes supported by Life's canvas enabled us to focus on the course and for the centres to link up with Suparna to get interest from the parents who use their centre.

Suparna helped women who have experienced DV to help to change communication and parenting for their children who have also been affected by DV.

Parents who engaged in the workshops found the sessions interesting and informative and made some positive changes in their day to day life.”
Kate Subanney, Parenting Commissioner of The London Borough of Ealing