I work with exhausted mums with young children who have lost all their confidence due to divorce.  I believe each and everyone of us has a different story and I support you through your relationship break up journey, so that you can feel excited and energised about creating a fresh start for you and your children.

When going through divorce you may find you constantly stress over your children’s future, how to manage your money, your ex-partner’s behaviour and most of all your roll coaster of emotions.  Based on my 9 years of coaching clients who are going through a relationship break up I have created my 6 step Discover Your Unique Essence to Confidence programme to help you create a new future for yourself and your children.

Having been bullied at work I know all about loosing your confidence and self esteem.  During this time I stopped sleeping, I turned to comfort eating, I was depressed but didn’t realise it and found everything looked a different shade of grey.  After 3 years I eventually realised I just couldn’t take it anymore and with the help of a self help book I said no for the first time to my bully!  Even now it is one of my proudest moments as it was my first step to gaining my self-respect and confidence.

You can find out more about how I have helped mums change their lives by connecting with me at your own pace through my Thriving Divorced Mums in London  group or if you are feeling you really have had enough and want to make a change right now you can complete the Inner Confidence Questionnaire and book yourself a 30 minute complimentary Inner Confidence Test where you will come away with one immediate action that will help boost your confidence.


 "Coaching has given me a time to reflect, how to say no, evaluate different options in my life, it is ok to be me, look at boundaries and be more relaxed with myself." Mum with daughter aged 5.

"Through coaching my children have grown in confidence, I now know the direction of my life, our eating habits have improved and we have a social life." Mum with 3 children aged 3, 5 and 7.


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